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We will provide all of the information you need in Form 1095-A to file your tax return. This information is based on the details you provided when you enrolled. If you had a change in 2017 like household size or income and did NOT report that to us, we cannot correct your form. You will need to work with your tax preparer and reconcile that with the IRS.

The form will give you:

  1. The monthly premium amounts you paid for your health insurance.
  2. The amount of any Advance Premium Tax Credits paid to your health insurance company to help lower your monthly costs
  3. The cost of the "benchmark" premium available to you each month, or the Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan (SLSCP) in your area, that the Tax Credit is based upon

You can see how that is calculated using the tool below by entering your zip code, county, and the age of the head of your household when your health insurance was made effective.

Please note, this tool is for information purposes only.

Household Information